Big Game

Big game hunts are available for Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Antelope and Mountain Lion. The length of stay for deer and elk during rifle season is 5 days, and for archery season is 7 days. Beginning with archery elk, deer and antelope in September, then with antelope rifle in October. The last week in October we begin the season for elk and deer rifle hunting that extends through the third week in November.

Rates – Included in the fees are meals, first-class accommodations in Lodge with private bath, guide and transportation to and from Sheridan County Wyoming Airport.




Mule Deer Trophy 5-day $6250
Whitetail Trophy 5-day $7250
Mule Deer Trophy Management 5-day $4250
Whitetail Trophy Management 5-day $4250
Youth Management Deer 14 and under $3500
Elk-bull w/rifle 5-day (special draw) $9500
Elk-bull w/archery 7-day (special draw) $9500
Elk-cow  5-day $3750
Antelope  5-day $3750
Cow Elk/Mule Deer Combo  5-day  $8500
Mountain Lion  3-day  $3500




LICENSE Price for 2016
Deer Combination License Must apply for by March 15 $597.00
Elk Combination License Must apply for by March 15 $851.00
Big Game (Deer & Elk) Combination License Must apply for by March 15 $1001.00
Only one of the above licenses may be applied for per year.
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395″ bull taken in archery season 2009