Waterfowl & Turkey Hunting In Birney Montana

Waterfowl & Turkey Hunting In Birney Montana

Merrium Turkey and Migratory Waterfowl are hunted in season. 

Rates 2017

Migratory Waterfowl Hunting Packages/person
1-day hunting, 1 meal $90
1-day hunting, 1 night lodging, meals $450
1-day hunting, 2 nights lodging, meals $700
2-days hunting, 3 nights lodging, meals $1100
3-days hunting, 4 nights lodging, meals $1500
4-days hunting, 5 nights lodging, meals $1900
Turkey hunting/person 
3 - day hunting, lodging, meals , guide $1700


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The Lodge at Diamond Cross
29 Diamond Cross Ranch Ln, Birney, MT 59012

Dick and Laurie Hosford, Cedars & Sage Outfitters
99 Red Bluff Loop, Birney, MT 59012
Lic. # 8293